Investors who get in early by investing in off plan property, often experience valuable opportunities and can enjoy growth whilst they are waiting for their property to complete. Here are our top five reasons why you should consider investing in off-plan:


Capital Growth

By setting a price before a property has been built gives you the potential to maximise capital gain during the build programme.

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Strong Returns

When you invest in off-plan property you achieve growth on the entire property value, whilst only investing a percentage of your own cash until completion occurs.

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To attract investors, developers offer a discounted price on the open market value price.

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Attractive to Tenants

New build properties are attractive to a wide range of tenants. Living somewhere that nobody has previously stayed is a sought-after feature in the modern-day rental market.

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Take Your Pick

You get to select the plot that you are purchasing. Choosing wisely could allow for better returns to be made further down the line.