Property Investor Partnership's outstanding reputation is built on the credibility, influence and exacting standards gained in the Financial Services sector over several decades.

Our promise to you is our full VIP treatment that is based upon our Vision and Integrity to ultimately achieve financial Peace of Mind for our clients, through the sourcing and securing of investment opportunities that will lead to long-term success and gain.

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Our service to you

Property Investment

  • We source and secure discounted properties for you, that offer immediate built-in growth and generate income.
  • We introduce you to Solicitors who specialise in investor property purchase, to ensure your purchase goes as smoothly as possible.
  • We provide you with support and guidance throughout the entire purchase process.
  • We will put you in touch with an expert team with access to the most suitable mortgages and introduce you to letting partners based in the area, who will source suitable tenants quickly for your property.

Our Satisfied Clients

See our success stories
We are very pleased with our investment at The Winerack, Ipswich. The rental predictions being achieved have exceeded all expectations, and the apartment is beautifully situated and built to a high standard. We are very happy and will be looking to invest in more property through PIP in the years to come.
- Mr & Mrs De Lima - Property Investment
PIP and the team have been amazing. They are all so lovely and very reassuring. Nothing is too much trouble and they guide you from start to finish. Well done PIP and thank you for everything. Looking forward to the next one.
- Mr & Mrs Hedges - Property Investment
We have built a significant portfolio of 30 properties from scratch with PIP's help. We would have no hesitation in recommending them and indeed, have done so many times.
- Mr & Mrs Rider - Property Investment

Frequently Asked Questions


What is an investment property?

An investment property is a property sourced and purchased specifically as a buy-to-let with the purpose to generate income and achieve long term capital growth.

Where to invest in property?

The latest census shows the UK’s population has increased by a record 7% (4 million) in the last decade to just over 63 million. Since 2002, demand for rental property has almost doubled. We can advise you on the many areas within the UK where we believe you can achieve maximum return on your monies invested, whilst maximising capital growth and generating income. Get in touch, have a look at our current opportunities to find out where.

How to start property investment?

Let us walk you through it! Our promise to you is our full VIP treatment to ultimately achieve financial Peace of Mind for you, through the sourcing and securing of property that will lead to long-term success and gain.

How does property investment work?

Unlike other asset classes, property enables you to gear your investment through investing a percentage of your cash rather than all of it. Property provides an attractive and sustainable income for investors, which if compared to a typical savings rate will provide income of up to 10 times that amount. Since the 1950s property values have doubled on average every 7 to 10 years. By investing in property, you are using your money to generate more money. You are making your money work for you.

How to calculate return on investment property?

Yield is the term which investors use to calculate a return.  To calculate the yield all you do is times the monthly rental amount by 12 and divide it into the property value.  

How much higher are mortgage rates for investment property?

Historically, buy to let mortgages have been in the region of 1.00% more expensive than the typical residential mortgage. However, over the past few years the gap between residential and buy to let rates has reduced as lenders have gained an appetite for buy to let lending. Furthermore, lender arrangement fees tend to be higher, with the more expensive buy to let mortgages charging a percentage of up to 2.5% of the mortgage amount.

What is the interest rate for investment property?

This is highly dependent on the current market conditions as well as varying from lender to lender.  Please speak to us so that we can arrange to provide you with a personalised mortgage illustration through our sister company Insight Private Finance.