Best Places To Invest In UK Property

Where are the best places to invest in UK property in 2019?

Thousands of people across the UK are earning great returns from property investment and there’s never been as good a time as...

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Invest In A Secured Loan Note

This is not a comparison report . . . it’s a warning!

We all want to generate good returns on our savings and investments in this low interest economy and many companies are...

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Bricks and Mortar Property Investment

More than just bricks and mortar

With the world economy suffering a slowdown, research shows people still have great trust for investments backed by ‘bricks and...

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Smithfield - The Birmingham Property Hotspot

What makes Birmingham such a strong investment hotspot?

Birmingham is currently experiencing an unprecedented period of change as billions of pounds of investment transform the city’s...

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Loan Note Investment Opportunities

Loan Note Investment Opportunities!

Our Secured Loan Note opportunities are ideal for anyone who is looking for short term investment but is constantly disappointed...

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Where To Invest In Property Outside London

The North / South Divide - a report by Savills . . .

As you know PIP have been advocates of investing in Northern locations for many years; having recognised early on the potential...

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Digbeth - Reasons Why Invest In Birmingham

Digbeth - the coolest place to live in the UK. 

'Cool' may be subjective. But either way you see it, this crown given by The Times can do nothing but good for the quirky...

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HS2 Benefits

The Acceleration of Birmingham - The Benefits of HS2

HS2 - a high-speed rail network, accelerating Birmingham's potential into it's grand future.

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Birmingham Meet The Developer Event

A story for now and future generations to come - our take on the Birmingham Story.

A skyline filled with cranes greets you on the approach to Birmingham.

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Property Investment Is A Marathon

Property is a marathon not a sprint.

Discussions over the future of a post-Brexit Britain are dominating the media right now, and unsurprisingly tension levels are...

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Birmingham Investment Is A Growing Opportunity

13 Reasons Why Birmingham Property Investment Is A Growing Opportunity

The Birmingham story is one that continues to get more and more compelling, and this is why so many investors are looking away...

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Norwich Accountancy Services

Almost one in five landlords say they are in it for the long term

Almost one in five landlords intend to remain in the buy to let market in the UK indefinitely, with the same number of portfolio...

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New Landlord Tax Rules

Bespoke Solutions For New Landlord Tax Rules

Tax laws are changing, which means as from the 2020/21 tax year, higher rate tax paying Landlords will no longer be able to...

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House Prices and the Resilience of the UK Property Market

House Prices and the Resilience of the UK Property Market

Regardless of what prices are doing in various parts of the country, it appears buyer sentiment still seems relatively confident.

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House Prices North West

House Price Index and the North/South divide

The average price of newly marketed property continues its upward trend.

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Rail Revolution for Birmingham and the West Midlands

Rail Revolution for Birmingham and the West Midlands

Rail services across Birmingham and the West Midlands are set for a revolution – with journey times slashed and train frequency...

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The Urban Renaissance - Fastest Growing Cities UK

The UK's Urban Renaissance - The Fastest Growing Cities in the UK

Many years ago, many UK city centres were dreary, crime hot spots. Now, they are among the most desirable areas of the country to...

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Transport In Birmingham

Transport in Birmingham and The Midlands to see major changes

The Midlands in general, and the West Midlands in particular, finds itself on the edge of one of the most exciting periods in its...

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Investment Property In The West Midlands

Investment Property in The West Midlands continues to outperform the rest

Across the country, asking prices inched up by a modest 0. 8% in May according to data from property sale portal Rightmove...

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