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Could you be paying unnecessary tax on your property portfolio?

​As many of you will be aware, tax legislation for private landlords changed in April 2020.

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This is not a comparison report . . . it’s a warning!

We all want to generate good returns on our savings and investments in this low interest economy and many companies are…

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More than just bricks and mortar

With the world economy suffering a slowdown, research shows people still have great trust for investments backed by ‘bricks and…

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What makes Birmingham such a strong investment hotspot?

Birmingham is currently experiencing an unprecedented period of change as billions of pounds of investment transform the city’s…

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Digbeth - the coolest place to live in the UK. 

'Cool' may be subjective. But either way you see it, this crown given by The Times can do nothing but good for the quirky…

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A story for now and future generations to come - our take on the Birmingham Story.

A skyline filled with cranes greets you on the approach to Birmingham.

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Property is a marathon not a sprint.

Discussions over the future of a post-Brexit Britain are dominating the media right now, and unsurprisingly tension levels are…

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13 Reasons Why Birmingham Property Investment Is A Growing Opportunity

The Birmingham story is one that continues to get more and more compelling, and this is why so many investors are looking away…

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