Secured Lending

These secured lending opportunities are backed by the borrower's assets, by way of a first or second charge security. Security and peace of mind for our clients is extremely important to us, and all of our opportunities undergo rigorous legal due diligence by our nominated solicitor Howes Percival. Unlike the stock market, the great thing about these is that they are not dependant on volatile market conditions. Take a look below to find out more!

Our Satisfied Clients

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I am absolutely delighted with the returns I have made from my investment and I would have no hesitation in recommending this option to anyone who is looking to achieve a good return on their cash
- Mr Beder - Secured Loan Note
This has been one of the easiest investments that I have ever made and it has given me great returns. So much so I have now invested four times in four different opportunities and I will more than likely invest again.
- Ms Phillips - Secured Loan Note