Severn House Build Update - May 2021

As an investor in Severn House Secured Lending, we are delighted to provide you with an update on how the site is progressing. 

The great news is that the development is running ahead of schedule, meaning your investment is likely to redeem earlier than originally anticipated. 

Please find below the latest from the site... 

  • Internal fit-out is progressing;
  • 2nd fix with decorations commences next week on the 1st to 3rd floors;
  • 4th to 6th floors is mist coated and 2nd fixed;
  • Kitchens, bathroom sanitary ware, floor and wall tiling are progressing on the 1st to 3rd floors;
  • Ductwork and final 1st fix Mechanically & Electrical works are progressing on floors 7 to 9;
  • All windows are fitted;
  • Brickwork façade complete to the 7th floor;
  • External rendering preparation is progressing to the rear elevation;
  • Fire sprinkler installation is complete;
  • Lift installation commences 17 May 2021;
  • Information being collated to discharge pre-occupation planning conditions prior to completion.

Please see below the latest pictures from the site. . .

1 v2

Above: 2nd floor apartment kitchen

2 v2

Above: 3rd floor apartment kitchen and doors 

3 v3

Above: 3rd floor bathroom and tiling 


Above: 9th floor plasterboard & partitioning 

5 v2

Above: 7th floor partitioning insulation 

6 v2

Above: External Brickwork

Above: Ground floor retail space – temporary storage and mortar mixing 

Prosperity anticipate practical completion to take place Q2/3 2021 with Loan Note redemptions to follow. 

We hope that the information provided has been of interest.

Should you have any questions or require any further information relating to this update, please feel free to get in touch.