Prosperity Loan Note Update - June 2020


  • Since we launched our first loan note in March 2017, we have raised a grand total of £38,208,600 across 15 loan note projects with Prosperity. Over 300 clients have invested in one or more of the Prosperity loan notes.
  • In 2019 alone, we raised a total of £12,333,600. Since the beginning of 2020, an incredible £8,916,000 has been raised and completed on.
  • To date, we have redeemed capital of £10,200,000 with clients being so delighted with their returns there is an average rollover retention rate exceeding 50%.
  • Since our first project, a grand total of £2,351,745 of interest has been paid out to clients through redemptions and quarterly & bi-annual interest options.
  • As of the end of Q2 2020, £1,194,221 of the above has been paid out to all clients who have chosen to receive either the quarterly or bi-annual interest.

2020 has remained a strong year, with multiple tranches in a total of five loan note projects completed on, raising an incredible £8,916,000 year to date. Included in this figure is funds from two rollovers in 2020; the redemption of Bradford House, where 62% of clients were so happy with their returns that they rolled over their capital into the Smithfield House loan note, and Prosperity/Varity House where 48% of clients rolled over into a further project!

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Secured Loan Notes provide an excellent investment return for investors, especially in today’s low interest rate environment. See below what Prosperity's founder & Chairman, Joe Billingham, has to say:

"Certainly we all appreciate that real estate is a far less volatile investment than other investment classes. Whilst there is no doubt we are witnessing almost unprecedented volatility within the financial markets right now, real estate in contrast, is a ‘real’ asset with a real residual value and thus provides a much more secure position for investors. We have no systemic issues underlying within our sector and as you know, Prosperity is a well-founded business with low gearing, a strong land based asset base and balance sheet, low and adjustable overheads and a full order book."

In fact, only this week, we paid out Q2 2020 interest payments to Prosperity Investors which totalled £176,736! It is reassuring to know that even in these uncertain times, our loan note investors are still earning interest of up to 8.5% per annum on their monies invested, with no erosion to their capital.

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Severn House Secured Loan Note

Investing at Severn House enables you as the investor the chance to invest alongside the developer for an anticipated term of 24 months, whilst generating returns of either 8% per annum, paid quarterly, or 8.5% per annum, paid upon redemption. Click here for more information. 

Moseley Gardens (3) Secured Loan Note

We are delighted to offer investors this short term investment opportunity into Moseley Gardens (3), for an approximate term of 15 months and generating returns of 8.5% per annum, payable upon redemption. Click here for more information.