Prosperity Build Updates - Q2 2020

A message from Prosperity - We are pleased to report that construction work is live on all our current sites, in accordance with the government’s health and safety guidelines for COVID-19.

From a planning perspective, as of the 23rd April 2020, Birmingham City Council are now hosting virtual planning committees to keep the planning decision making process operating throughout the health scare crisis.

There may be delays as the council clears some back log from previously cancelled planning committees.  However we can confirm the process is now active and working with two committee hearings per month.

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Latest from the site . . .

The main contractor has implemented Covid-19 work / social distancing best practice, to ensure the site remains open to progress the works. 

All groundwork substructures are complete, with exception of the sub-station area.

Perimeter retaining walls are now 75% complete.

Underground floor slab drainage is now complete.

Now preparing the sub-strata in readiness to receive the ground floor slabs.

Steel frame now part erected.

MGMay2020 Sub stratapreparation 990000045105143c v2

Sub-strata preparation

MGMay2020 Workonperimeterretainingwall 990000045105143c v2

Work on perimeter wall

MGMay2020 Siteconstructioncontinues 990000045105143c

Site construction continues

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Latest from the site . . .

Prosperity are awaiting the legal process to be finalised in respect to the ‘agenda for
change’ to support the planning application.

Subject to the above, the planning application is now targeted to be included on the early July planning committee agenda.

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Latest from the site . . .

Demolition works are complete and all services to the site have been isolated.

Prosperity are continuing to work proactively with Birmingham City Council to promote the residential scheme to the earliest planning committee.

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Latest from the site . . .

Birmingham planning committee have confirmed a hearing date of 4th June.  This is positive news, as Prosperity were mindful of further delays due to the current backlog from from Covid-19.

As soon as Prosperity are aware of the decision. we will let you know. In the meantime, further detailed design work continues with a view to construction work commencing late 2020.

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Latest from the site . . .

All apartments are now completed, with the final testing and commissioning of all the apartments now being undertaken. 

External drainage works complete and paving works have commenced.

Practical completion is now estimated to be June 2020.

Mortgage Process

We will be instructing all mortgage brokers to commence with mortgage applications.  Therefore, your broker will be in touch with you shortly to start the process.

SSMay2020 completefittedkitchen 990000045105143c

Complete fitted kitchen

SSMay2020 completedbathroomsuite 990000045105143c

Complete fitted bathroom

SSMay2020 openplaninterior 990000045105143c

Open plan interior

SSMay2020 pavingworkunderway 990000045105143c

Paving works underway

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Latest from the site . . . 

The Smithfield Masterplan encompasses the Smithfield HouseSmithfield Place and Smithfield Square developments. 

There has been no change since the previous update. The impact of Covid-19 from a planning perspective means that Prosperity are still in ongoing pre-application discussions with the council, Lendlease and local stakeholders. 

Once these key discussions have taken place, Prosperity will be able to provide you with a clear understanding of the overall timescales for the projects.