Prosperity Build Updates - Q3 2019

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 Latest from the site...

  • Site is being cleared and scaffolding erected.
  • Stripping out of the interior has been completed, allowing the installation of the new framework.

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    Latest from the site...

    • Work is progressing well with a piling rig now on site.
    • Steel framework construction continues off site.
    • Estimated completion August 2020.

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    Latest from the site... 

    • Architects have been engaged with Birmingham City Council in response to comments by planning officers.
    • Detailed design has been finalised with alterations to the originally proposed scheme in response to the location and shape of the site.
    • A full, finalised planning application will now be submitted.
    • The statutory planning process is anticipated to take approximately 16 weeks.

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    Latest from the site... 

    • An acoustic survey is to be carried out within the next 4-6 weeks.
    • A planning hearing is to take place following submission of the above.
    • Work is anticipated to commence on site in Q1 2020.

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     Latest from the site...

  • Clearing of the site has commenced.
  • Planning application still in process.
  • Detailed design finalised with build efficiency focus.
  • Further acoustic report to be conducted within the next couple of weeks.

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The Smithfield Masterplan comprises of Smithfield Place, Smithfield Square and Bradford House.

Latest from the project...

  • Lendlease to be officially appointed as lead developer in December.
  • Prosperity continue to work closely with Birmingham City Council and Lendlease to drive forward the project.
  • Due to the sheer magnitude and complexity of the wider infrastructure i.e. significant changes to road routing, drainage, sewage and Metro systems - timings surrounding the planning application process is yet to be confirmed.
  • We’re pleased to confirm however, that the plans have gone to cabinet and we look forward to updating you on this in our next update.
  • The Smithfield project forms part of the UK’s largest regeneration scheme delivering a £1.5 billion investment into Birmingham city centre, and Prosperity along with BCC and Lendlease remain hugely excited about the project.