Where are the best places to invest in UK property in 2019?

Thousands of people across the UK are earning great returns from property investment and there’s never been as good a time as 2019 for investors to expand their portfolios or take their first leap into property investment.

Although the way property and buy-to-let investments make investors money hasn’t changed much for decades, the best places to invest has changed a lot in just the past few years alone. Gone are the days of London and the south of England offering the best investments, now it’s concentrated to specific cities and areas in the north-west and the Midlands area.

If you know where to look, you can secure fantastic property investment opportunities this year. That’s why we’ve pulled together the best places to invest in UK property in 2019:

  1. Birmingham
  2. Manchester
  3. Nottingham
  4. Liverpool



At the top of our list is Birmingham. Over the past 12 months, Birmingham has experienced a huge 5.0% increase in house prices, and it shows little sign of slowing down in 2019.

Birmingham is currently experiencing an unprecedented period of change as billions of pounds of investment transform the city’s economy. Over the next decade new jobs, transport facilities and residential communities will be developed helping Birmingham realise its full potential and truly become an international city at the centre of a booming region and a driving force within the UK.

The Second City’s exciting growth agenda will see 51,000 new homes, over 100,000 new jobs and billions of pounds worth of investment in infrastructure including HS2. This growth will continue to strengthen the city’s standing so 2019 is a fantastic time to look at investment property for sale in Birmingham.

Property Investor Partnership has had a lot of success in Birmingham, including the very profitable investment The Foundry, where our clients secured fantastic yields of 6% on top of 20% capital growth.

This previous success is fantastic and makes us even more excited by our latest investment property for sale in Birmingham: Park View and One BHM.

For even more reasons why Birmingham investment property for sale is a fantastic opportunity in 2019, read our full 13 reasons here.



Another of the best areas to invest in property for 2019 is Manchester. Over the last 12 months, Manchester property prices have risen by 5.6%, making Manchester one of the fastest growing property investment areas in the UK.

Manchester is also at the heart of the government’s Northern Powerhouse Scheme, benefitting from massive investment over the next decade. On top of this, Manchester airport has had a £1 billion investment to extend its second terminal by 2020, creating more jobs and increasing demand for housing.

It’s an exciting time for Manchester and it’s no wonder that huge international businesses such as the BBC have moved to Manchester, creating even more new job opportunities for the thriving area.

Investment property for sale in Manchester presents a huge opportunity in 2019 and that’s why we’ve tipped Greenwood Place as one of our hottest properties for 2019. This Manchester investment property for sale has predicted yields of up to 6.7% and is certain to make our investors very happy.



Nottingham is next on our list, boasting an impressive 5.2% growth in property prices over the past 12 months.

As the fastest growing city in the East Midlands, Nottingham is spending £400 million on re-developments that will ensure the city continues to thrive. Plus, it’s a hotspot for tech growth thanks to its central location and excellent transport links and this gives the city a huge talent pool to pick from.

This is also supported by the two major universities, whose students make up roughly an eighth of the Nottingham populace. This budding young population, almost 30% of whom are aged 18 to 29, means there’s a huge demand for rental accommodation, making Nottingham investment property for sale hugely popular in 2019.

This huge demand for rental accommodation is one of the main reasons we are so excited about our Sherwood Square investment property for sale in Nottingham, ideally positioned close to the city centre. These luxury one-bed apartments are predicted to achieve yields of up to 6.6% and are a fantastic investment opportunity for 2019.



Over the past year, property investment in Liverpool has been one of the most successful areas in the UK. Property prices have risen by 5.1% in 2018 giving Liverpool a strong footing for 2019.

In fact, Savill’s residential property forecasts report predicts that during 2019-2023 the North-South divide will turn on its head, with Liverpool and the North West predicted to rise by 21.6%, making it a fantastic investment for 2019.

Liverpool also has a very strong rental demand, helped in no small part by the city’s universities and its 70,000-strong student population. This strong demand, coupled with low average house prices, enables investors to achieve higher yields than in London or the South of England, making investment property for sale in Liverpool a fantastic choice.

We’ve had some huge success in Liverpool over the past few years, with the Montgomery Road development, The Hollies and Newton Road all achieving great results for investors. If you’re looking for investment property in 2019, we highly recommend Liverpool investment property for sale as a fantastic area that’s sure to flourish.


Best area to invest in property in 2019

2019 presents a fantastic opportunity to invest. For those looking at best property investments, we recommend that investors look to thriving cities in the Midlands and north-west for fantastic growth as well as lucrative yields for buy to let investments.

In summary, the cities we predict the most growth from and recommend as the best areas to invest in property in 2019 are:

  1. Birmingham
  2. Manchester
  3. Nottingham
  4. Liverpool

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