This is not a comparison report . . . it’s a warning!

We all want to generate good returns on our savings and investments in this low interest economy and many companies are capitalising on this, bombarding us all with social media and email marketing campaigns offering guaranteed returns!  But how can you be sure it’s not a scam?

All over the news last week were reports concerning some £236m of customers’ investments that are now in the balance, after the collapse of mini-bond company London Capital & Finance. 

Now subject to a criminal investigation, it has emerged that LCF mislead investors by erroneously marketing a ‘fixed rate ISA’, which has since transpired to be an unregulated, high-risk mini-bond scheme.

So why did it all go wrong?

Basically, the LCF bond was not set-up as a proper investment vehicle to begin with.  The product was not advice driven and the security structure was exceptionally weak, with investments made against company shares and not actual, tangible assets.

Overall, the investment was inadequately structured, poorly administered and arguably misleading, and ultimately failed to provide adequate security for those who invested. 

What makes us different from the rest?

Our Secured Loan Notes have been created through working closely with investment professionals with more than 100 years of combined experience in the financial services and development sectors.

As a client, you can have the confidence and assurance that all our Secured Loan Notes are subject to rigorous due-diligence and a detailed legal process.  We use leading UK firm, Howes Percival Solicitors; trusted for over 200 years to provide expert legal guidance.  This is an expensive legal process, with costs met by us - not our investors.  However, this goes way beyond something measured purely in monetary value, by providing the best security terms available for our investors. 

Every Secured Loan Note has security by way of a first or second charge over land and/or property assets, with a maximum LTV (loan-to-value) of 75%.

Our Secured Loan Notes are predominantly ‘advice driven’, with all applicants required to seek advice from an investment professional and/or a financial advisor before they can proceed with their application.  Many applicants are part of our existing community of property investors, who have confidence and place their trust in the high-quality products and services we provide.

Why not take a look at our current loan note opportunities? 

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