More than just bricks and mortar

With the world economy suffering a slowdown, research shows people still have great trust for investments backed by ‘bricks and mortar’ and property continues to be a popular asset class with investors.

Why is this? Unlike other asset classes, property enables you to gear your investment through investing a percentage of your cash rather than all of it. Property provides an attractive and sustainable income for investors, which if compared to a typical savings rate will provide income of up to 10 times that amount.

Since the 1950s, property values have doubled on average every 7 to 10 years. By investing in property, you are using your money to generate more money. You are making your money work for you.

The latest census shows the UK’s population has increased by a record 7% (4 million) in the last decade to just over 63 million. Since 2002, demand for rental property has almost doubled.

Where should I invest? The residential property market in northern England has earned a great deal of media attention over the last few months as it continues to go from strength to strength, with property transactions and house prices rising across several regions.

Southern cities used to dominate house price growth reports, but over the past five years, more than half of northern cities have made the UK top 10. Zoopla research revealed that property prices grew the fastest in cities in the Midlands, the North of England, Wales and Scotland. Values have surged by 16% in Birmingham and 15% in Manchester and Leicester. Meanwhile, growth in the South has slowed to just 1% in London and 2% in Oxford.

Don’t get us wrong – London is a world class city. The unique history, the museums and galleries, the public transport links and the incredible bars and restaurants add up to something special. But there’s no doubt that it’s also an expensive city. For many, the capital has simply become unaffordable. The number of millennials leaving the city is at its highest level for more than a decade. Even homeowners are leaving for greener pastures.

It’s not just the changing needs of the domestic market that are boosting prices up North; the evolving desires of foreign buyers are also contributing to price surges. Stimulated by low-interest rates and favourable exchange rates, foreign investors have been in a position to snap up UK property at discount prices.

So, what do we have to offer you? We thought you may ask!

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