Loan Note Investment Opportunities!

Our Secured Loan Note opportunities are ideal for anyone who is looking for short term investment but is constantly disappointed by the lack of returns in today's low interest environment. 

The great news is that we now have two opportunities to invest in a Secured Loan Note! These are perfectly suited for those who like the concept of property investment, but have chosen not to invest.

Read on to find out more about these opportunities, what they can do for you and how to invest today . . .

ZSL Capital 8% Secured Loan Note

PIP have recently teamed up with ZSL Capital to bring you this new Loan Note opportunity.

ZSL Capital is part of the Zenzic Partners Group, an FCA regulated privately owned Merchant Bank founded in 2014. 

The investment is secured against a diversified portfolio of high quality loans, which are secured against the assets of multiple real estate projects on a maximum 75% loan to value.  The security is taken by way of legal charge over the assets of each project.  It is important to note that ZSL operate a tried and tested underwriting platform that undergoes rigorous due diligence.

With our ZSL Capital Secured Loan Note, you can invest amounts from as little as £10,000 and generate returns of 8% per annum (4% paid bi-annually)!

Not only is this Loan Note an ideal short term investment opportunity of 3 years, but you can now enjoy the tax-saving benefits of an ISA whilst investing in the loan note.

ZSL Capital Loan Note fast facts . . 

  • Earn 8% per annum on your investment paid 4% bi-annually;
  • Invest Cash or your ISA
  • You can invest up to your annual £20,000 tax free ISA allowance, as well as transferring across from existing ISA's to enjoy the tax benefits;
  • No upfront costs, or application fees;
  • Secured against a portfolio of loans secured against UK property, on a maximum 75% LTV;
  • Minimum investment value of £10,000
  • Clear exit strategy.

B5 Kent Street 3 Secured Loan Note

PIP have teamed up once again with Prosperity to bring you this B5 Kent Street Secured Loan Note - our eleventh project of this nature with one of Birmingham's leading developers!

This opportunity enables you to invest alongside the developer for an anticipated term of 30 months, whilst earning a return of 9% on your monies invested, that will be paid upon redemption.

The total raise for this opportunity is £4m, which will be broken down into 2 phases:

£2.5m will be raised by way of a first charge, this will be secured against the assets of the company. 
Upon planning being granted, an additional £1.5m will be raised and the investment will revert to a second charge as soon as the senior lender has been appointed and is in place.

The loan note is available via cash or ISA - £10,000 minimum investment for ISA investors and £25,000 minimum amount for cash investors.

B5 Kent Street 3 Secured Loan Note Fast Facts. .

  • Capital raise of £4 million; £2.5 million pre-planning & £1.5 million once planning is granted;
  • IFISA eligible;
  • Anticipated 30 month investment term;
  • Earn early bird interest of 4% during the capital raising period;
  • Earn 9% on your investment per annum, payable upon redemption;
  • Security by way of a first charge over the assets of the company pre-planning, reverting to second charge during the construction period;
  • Rigorous due diligence process undertaken by a solicitor.

  • To find out more about ZSL Capital Secured Loan Note click here
    To find out more about B5 Kent Street 3 Secured Loan Note click here
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