Digbeth - the coolest place to live in the UK. 

'Cool' may be subjective. But either way you see it, this crown given by The Times can do nothing but good for the quirky Birmingham district of Digbeth.

What may seem like a hip neighbourhood to bright young things will likely resemble a slum to their parents. So it’s goodbye Brixton, Brighton, Peckham, Moseley and Harborne: these once bohemian addresses, a celebration of experimentation and aspiration on a modest budget, are now so beloved of the middle classes, they easily make it into The Sunday Times annual Best Places to Live survey.

When it comes to finding the new cool, it’s not about Ofsted ratings and rail links to London. It’s about spotting locations that still elicit a shriek when named in polite company: “What? Really? I don’t believe you!” Yet when property values soar, the shriekers bemoan the fact that they didn’t get in there early enough.

We know Birmingham is a brilliant city - but its super cool credentials have received a massive boost thanks to Digbeth topping The Sunday Times Homes Supplement ‘Coolest Neighbourhood in Britain’. The area beat two London hotspots thanks to its down-to-earth Brummie spirit and welcoming inclusive vibe.

The digital revolution has been largely responsible for getting Digbeth’s post-industrial heart pumping again, with creative types setting up in the former manufacturing buildings. In a further nod to its history, Digbeth’s first residential square is under construction on the site of a curtain-track plant. At the converted Bird’s Custard Factory, cafes, shops, a cinema and arts venues have sprung up, so there are more reasons to hang out after hours.

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As a part of the Big City Plan, Digbeth is undergoing a large redevelopment scheme that will regenerate the old industrial buildings into apartments, retail premises, offices and arts facilities. 

You will not be disappointed by investing here, this up and coming area is just that - perfect to buy in now and reap the capital growth down the line. 

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