A story for now and future generations to come - our take on the Birmingham Story.

A skyline filled with cranes greets you on the approach to Birmingham.  This is a very real and exciting indication of the scale of rejuvenation taking place in the city, and the potential it holds. 

This past Saturday, Property Investor Partnership teamed up with the developer Prosperity to host our 'Meet The Developer' event in Birmingham - and we found it to be true that seeing really is believing! 

"To see first hand the various stages of development within the city's infrastructure was very interesting and reassuring." - Mr Ranger

After an inspiring presentation from the Managing Director of Prosperity on the Big City Masterplan, we boarded a luxury coach to see the transformation in action. The tour began at a recently completed development, B1 Edward Street, where we had the exciting opportunity to have a look around the show apartment. On arrival, we saw multiple tenants in the process of moving into the development. This was a reassuring reminder of the strength and demand in the rental market that this city is experiencing.

"It was highly reassuring to view a completed project and see at first hand the geography of central Birmingham, with its mixture of industrial and modern architecture combined with the waterways and modern transport it looks full of potential. I came away excited and convinced that I had made a good choice investing in this city." - Mr Kershaw

Nicknamed the ‘City of a Thousand Trades’ for its proud and varied industrial heritage , Birmingham has become a thriving commercial and financial center. It is also the UK’s largest center of higher education outside London, home to four universities, two of which rank among the top 400 in the QS World University Rankings.

Big corporations such as HSBC, Deutsche Bank and parts of the BBC have already relocated to Birmingham, with HMRC following suit in 2020.  Channel 4 and the Bank of England are also proposing to do the same.

Birmingham is not only attracting young professionals in their droves, but it also has one of the highest student retention rates.  Students who study there often remain, to build and develop their careers - and all of them need somewhere to live!   

The city is not slowing down and doing everything it can to meet this demand. It seemed every site available was being redeveloped - "like a city going under the knife", one client commented, "a city having a facelift"

We are very excited for the future of Birmingham - But it is important to concentrate on the now and recognise the investment potential!